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February 13, 2011

TeachTown Basic

Teach Town - A subscription based web curriculum for students with Autism, this software is currently being used by Mrs. Salata, a multi-categorical teacher at our Elementary School . Purchased by Mrs. Salata to support the programming needs for one of her students, Teach Town has been a successful web based program as implemented by her students’ IEP team. Using the computer based instruction, offline instruction activities recommended by the program and  expertise of the student’s team (special education teacher,  speech pathologist,  occupational therapist and educational aide) the student has shown significant progress in acquiring his IEP goals and general academic skills.

TeachTown pic

TeachTown offers assessment capabilties, the ability to choose your own curriculum from among the lessons provided as well as a large variety of rewards to keep students motivated.  Regular assessment reports on student progress are delivered to the managing teacher.  It has been another successful tool available in Mrs. Salata’s special education toolkit!

For more information on TeachTown contact Mrs. Salata or visit TeachTown’s website:


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