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October 2, 2012

Accessing Your Google Account and Making Comments @ SFSD

Need to access your Google account and Google documents?

Here’s Ann Roy’s “How to Access Google Docs” directions: 

  1.  From the District web page, click the link on lower left side, Google Docs for Education

2 – Log in with your email address; should prompt you to enter only your first letters as the “” will be populated for you. You’ll also enter your password here. Your password needs to be 8 digits long, so if your  name is 4 letters you’d add ‘1234’ to your name. If your name is 7 letters long, you’d add ‘1’ and so on.

 3. Once logged in, you’ll see the following screen and need to click the Documents link on the left column.


4. Once you’ve clicked that, you should be redirected to a page that shows the Google Docs that have been shared with you. Click on the Paraprofessional Book Study Link and you should see the following document. To add comments, simply place your cursor at the end of the question/response script, click the comments tab in the upper right corner and then add your comments and name to the box for that question.

When you’re done simply log out of the document at the upper right corner of the document by your name; your comments will be saved automatically. GOOD LUCK with learning from the group book study, the book itself and with the new technology application!

Thanks Ann!


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