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May 20, 2013

How to Connect to SFSD Internet Services on Your iDevice

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How to Connect to SFSD Internet Services on Your iDevice

Connecting to our school based network services or Internet services require Wi-Fi connection and allowed to connect to the Internet through the school’s proxy server (after initial network set up by IT). There are two main steps to make sure you have secured connectivity and permission for Internet connection on your iDevice:

1.       Make sure you are connected to school’s Wi-Fi services:

a.       Go to Settings icon on your device


b.      Within Settings make sure that Wi-Fi is “On” and the SFSD is checked.


c.       With Wi-Fi on and connected to the schools Wi-Fi you should see the Wi-Fi bars at the top left of your tablet screen (see arrow in above image).  If you have your own device, select the SFSD-BYOD for Wi-Fi connection.


2.       The second step is one way to make sure that you are allowed to access Internet services at our school:

a.       Go to Safari

b.      When Safari is open (below) type in the school district’s web address into the web address box at the top of the screen and press enter:

c.       If you are not signed into the Proxy server you will then get the below dialogue box for you to sign in and be allowed to get to the Internet:


Use your standard SFSD login name and password you use for logging into email or a SFSD computer

User name: mystandardschool username (same as email or when logging onto a SFSD computer)

 Password: mypassword

 Select Log In

d.      You should now be 1). Connected to the school’s Wi-Fi service and see bars at the top left of the iDevice screen, and 2). Be allowed to past the servers to the Internet! 

When you are having difficulty getting on the Internet or get Denied when on Safari, you may be blocked from that website or you may not be logged into the network to be allowed to the Internet. If you can’t get to the Internet go thru steps 1 & 2 again to ensure you are Wi-Fi connected and allowed through the Proxy server. This process also will work if to  join the SFSD Guest and SFSD BYOD Wi-Fi service.

e.      You may find you need to do this several times in a day. If you are doing this frequently, creating a bookmark of the SFSD web address and using that bookmark will be a faster way to get back onto the Internet services at school.  

Note: If Wi-Fi bars are low (only one or two bars in the left upper corner) connection may be interrupted or poor.

Carol Leynse Harpold, MS AdEd, OTR/L, ATP



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