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App Review Websites

Special Needs App Review Sites/Links  

App Review Sites

Louisiana’s AT Initiative App List Louisiana AT Initiative’s Apps by category
Website with special needs categories of reviewed apps  Well organized
I Education Apps Review- extensive list of apps by grade/age, tools, tutorials and resources; regular ed and special education Well worth visiting
Smart apps for Kids Website – Provides educational apps for kids categorized by age (Preschool, 6-8, 9-11, 12 and up) Educational Apps for kids;
Digital Story time – Web site that reviews and rates apps for kids; also provides temporary free apps many story apps, games, activities for kids. iOS Kids Apps Daily Deal Page;
Apps for Children with Special Needs Highly recommend this  website w video reviews of apps.
iPad Apps for Special Education – Eric Sailers 4/2010 list of apps Dated but worthwhile categorized sped app list
James Greenwood App list for Teachers 50 page web resource of Apps for
education. Nicely linked for navigation.
Carolann Cormier’s list of Apps and other helpful information on iPad and iPod management Extensive listing of apps
Escondido School District Spreadsheet of Apps Apps by grade and subjects; extensive list
Free App Alert – Provides daily listing of free apps. Apps may only be free for a day or short period of time.  
Special Education Teacher/ AT Specialist App List Sped, Reading, Math, SS Apps List
Spectronics – Visual Support apps Apps for visual support and AAC on website
Autism Spectrum Directory App directory for social, behavioral
apps for individuals with ASD
Apps for individuals with ASD Categorized list of Apps Updated 8-3-2011
Apps list for older students
in middle, high school and college students
Moms with Apps Apps list for younger special needs students
Best Kids Apps Apps reviewed categorized by ages
Jeremy Brown’s list of apps for ASD Worth perusing
Apple support for accessibility options  

Accessories for iPod/iPad

Accessory List for iPod/iPad – cases, stands, keyboards, speakers. No VI or blindness devices listed  
Tony Vincent’s Learning in Hand – Info on iPod, iPad and tutorials Wealth of information
Bubcaps  – stops kids from accessing the home button  

Webinars/Video Tutorials Related to iPad/ iPod use


Four part series on using your iPad as
an interactive whiteboard

Video Tutorials on iPad accessibility  
Apple’s Guided Video Tours   

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