School District of Sheboygan Falls

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How does Sheboygan Falls compare financially?

Financial and other data and information regarding Wisconsin public schools is easily accessible online.  Two sources can be accessed by anybody who wishes to view the information; they are WINSS and Basic Facts.


  • Provides information regarding achievement, demographics, and school programs

Basic Facts

  • Provides information regarding enrollment, state aid, revenue limits, district revenues and expenditures, and salaries


The following charts can be found in “Basic Facts – Section D: Per Pupil Revenue and Cost Data.” These charts compare Sheboygan Falls’ revenues and costs to the state average. Comparisons of up to eight districts are available at one time through the Basic Facts website.

Comparative Revenues – Shows how Sheboygan Falls compares to the state average for revenues
(updated: 03-27-2013)

Comparative Costs – Shows how Sheboygan Falls spends its money as compared to the state average
(updated: 03-27-2013)