ELL Services at SFSD

English Language Learner (ELL) Services Offered


The following services are available to students who qualify as English Language Learners.  Every ELL student receives an Individualized Student Record Plan (IRP) based on his/her language proficiency and academic needs.  Each student is given a Language Proficiency Level (LEP) based on his/her performance on the ACCESS for ELLs test. 

Pullout Services
The student leaves the classroom to receive one-on-one/small group English language instruction. Students are pulled at a mutually-agreed upon time so they miss minimal class instruction. Topics may include social/academic English vocabulary, English reading and writing, math, homework support, etc.             
In-Class Support
ELL staff comes into the classroom to work with the students. They work with students in small groups in collaboration with the classroom teacher. ELL staff can collaborate with mainstream teachers and go into classes with struggling students in order to offer modified instruction as well as support the students in the class.
Testing support
The ELL staff administers and provides all testing for newcomers through the Pre-LAS or the W-APT.  ELL staff also provides accommodations on WKCE tests, semester final exams, as well as administers the annual ACCESS for ELLs English language proficiency test. 
ELL staff helps students put together their schedules. They work with staff to cluster students whenever possible and place them with similar teachers.
Accommodations/Modifications made by the Mainstream Teachers
Teachers modify assignments and assessments, as well as the way they teach to make the content more understandable. They use additional pictures, carefully adjust their speech, provide individual help, repeat directions, etc. These accommodations do not change the content students are required to learn.       
Bilingual Support
The Sheboygan Falls School District employs an ELL Tutor who provides translation/interpretation services to students, parents, and staff in English and Spanish. Additional support in other languages is also available.
Monitoring of Successful Academic Progress  
The ELL staff monitors the student’s academic progress, reviewing English and academic testing results and classroom teacher reports/grades. Parents will be notified if the ELL teacher identifies that the student may be in need of additional ELL or Special Education support to ensure successful academic progress.
Support for Mainstream Teachers
The ELL staff works with the mainstream teaching staff in order to empower them and provide them with good strategies and modification techniques to help them work with students whose first language is other than English.  The ELL staff provides advice and suggestions to the teachers working with the students, and also help to modify and differentiate instruction, assignments, and assessments.
Additional Student Support
The ELL staff supports students in their desire for enrichment and their pursuit of higher education. Staff members help students and families register for summer school and enrichment activities/workshops, apply for scholarships and financial aid, fill out college applications, etc.