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8th Grade Science

Parent Information

Lab make up times:

guided study

Before School

Tues., Wed., Thurs. before school- not before 7:20

Fri.- not before 7:30

*please call to see if I am free 467-7880 ext. 4112

*students should knock on my windows so I can let them in

Brief Course Description:

Science is designed to prepare students for future science classes.  This will be accomplished by participating in lab activities, class discussion, and class assignments including mastery of science vocabulary.  To develop a greater understanding of concepts students will be required to synthesize and apply their knowledge to lab activities followed by answering lab questions and conclusions.

Class Procedures:

Each student is required to have a 3 ring binder for class.  All assignments are going to be put in the binder.  At the beginning of each chapter a grade sheet will inserted and placed at the start of the chapter.  This grade sheet will list all the assignments that will be completed for that chapter along with a list of state standards that will be covered.

Parent involvement in science assignments

  • Please look over your child’s science binder to check progress in the class.
  • Students are required to fill in their grade sheet with their assignment scores after grading.  Please check that your child has done this.
  • Please refer to the Community Agreement sheet at the beginning of the binder for classroom grading and procedures.
  • Please contact Mrs. Huenink with any questions
  • Check PowerSchool for assignment progress