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Pool Rules

SFAC Flotation Device Rules

The Sheboygan Falls Aquatic Center prides itself in providing a safe and enjoyable place to spend time with your family and friends. Trained staff are on duty during all open hours who enforce rules that have been developed to assure enjoyment and safety in our facility.

Rationale for Rules

It is the practice of the Sheboygan Falls Aquatic Center to provide a swimming environment that is safe to all who come to visit. It is the duty of the Lifeguards to help educate the community of the pool rules and to lead patrons in establishing safe attitudes about swimming.

The following list identifies some of the rules that have been established along with an explanation to why the rules were enacted.

  • Avoid walking on the gutters.  The gutters are abrasive and can hurt sensitive feet.
  • Patrons cannot to do flips and somersaults from the side of the pool because they might hit their head on the wall or bottom.
  • Please no sitting and jumping off the steps as it prevents people from using them and could lead to injury.
  • To avoid stretching out the ropes, swimmers should swim under them. Do not to swim over the ropes, hang on the ropes, or pick the ropes up unless there is an emergency.
  • Use the ladders when exiting the SLIDE and DIVING BOARD areas soon after entering these areas to avoid collisions in the water.
  • Swimmers need to walk everywhere to avoid slipping.
  • Patrons are to be courteous toward other swimmers.  This includes avoiding excessive splashing, wrestling, dunking (especially by the head or neck), and chicken fighting.
  • Because of the potential for injury, including spinal injury, patrons are not allowed to do sailor dives anywhere in the pool, including the well.
  • Patrons may be asked to refrain from certain activities such as back flips off the diving board if the guard on duty is uncomfortable with that person performing the activity. The lifeguards have a duty to recognize unsafe activities.
  • After a patron has received one or more verbal warnings, a guard may ask that patron to sit out of the pool for an appropriate length of time (5min usually).  If a patron continues to be a problem the guard has the right to ask the patron to leave for the day.  A patron may be suspended for a longer length of time if it a serious offense or if the patron has caused continual problems in the past.
  • A lap test is required before patrons can use the diving board or slide. Patrons are required to swim one length of the pool (25 yards) in the lap lane without stopping to assure strong swimming ability when entering the water in depths over their head.

General Rules

  • Do not enter the pool if you have a communicable disease or an open cut.
  • Food, drink, gum or tobacco products are not allowed on the pool deck.
  • Shower before entering the pool and after the use of toilet facilities.
  • Do not engage in rough play, including dunking, pushing, chicken fights, etc.
  • Do not run on the deck or in the locker rooms.
  • Animals are not allowed inside the facility.  Service animals are welcome.
  • Persons under the influence of alcohol or any judgment-impairing substance will not be admitted to the facility.
  • All patrons must wear a swimsuit.  No cut-off shorts are allowed.  Only white t-shirts are permitted in the pool.
  • Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the facility.
  • Strollers and chairs are not allowed inside the facility.
  • Walk on the deck.
  • Swim under the ropes without hanging or pulling on them.
  • Keep off guard chairs.
  • No spitting or spouting from the mouth in the water.
  • Do not climb or hang on roped fencing by water slide.
  • No diving in  “Shallow Water” areas. (Less than 9 feet).
  • Please be courteous to all patrons of the pool.
  • Patrons are to the follow the rules of this facility as outlined and enforced by the aquatic center staff.
  • A parent or responsible patron 13 years old is required to supervise children under the age of 7 years old. This supervising patron must be in a swimming suit and on the deck.
  • Water toys and flotation devises are not allowed in the aquatic center unless otherwise specified.
  • Water wings, PFDs and float suits are not allowed unless otherwise specified.
  • Balls, noodles and other water toys are not allowed unless otherwise specified.
  • No shoes allowed on the pool deck.
  • The use or possession of alcohol or other mood altering drugs, appearing to be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, or possessing the paraphernalia associated with drug use, or selling alcohol or other drugs at the Aquatic center is prohibited.
  • Fighting or using threatening language to harm or intimidate others is prohibited.
  • The use of foul or abusive language is prohibited.
  • Illegal acts including theft, vandalism or fighting will be handled in accordance with established Sheboygan Falls School District policy.
  • Patrons are to respect the Aquatic Center staff in their enforcement of these rules.

Flotation Device Rules

  • Flotation devices must be U.S. Coast Guard Approved
  • A parent or responsible adult must be within an arm's reach of any child with a flotation device on - patrons not following this rule will be warned once and then may be asked to leave the facility
  • Flotation devices are not permitted on the slide, diving board, or in the diving well
  • Children may not take the Swim Test with flotation device on
  • All flotation devices must fit the intended user - check the label on the device for weight limits
  • A limited number of flotation devices are available for use at the SFAC - please ask the front desk attendant or see the Pool Manager on duty 
  • Devices that are not allowed at the SFAC: any device that is not U.S. Coast Guard approved, and inflatable device (water wings, rafts, inflatable swimsuit, etc)

Locker Room Rules

  • Valuables are to be locked up in lockers.
  • No locks are allowed to be left on the lockers after swimming.
  • Attendants will not hold valuable items.
  • The locker room is intended for changing into and out of swimming suits only.
  • Shower before entering the pool and after using the toilet facilities.
  • Walk in locker room area.
  • The Sheboygan Falls Aquatic Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Wading Pool Rules

  • Adult supervision required. Must be at least 13 years to supervise a child.
  • No rough or horse play.
  • No playing in ramp area.
  • No walking on wall partitions.
  • No hanging on rails.
  • No diving.
  • Please be courteous and kind to all patrons.

Diving Well Rules

  • Patrons can use the board after passing lap test.
  • One bounce only on diving board.
  • Participants must dive or jump straight off the end of the board.
  • Only one person allowed at a time on the diving board.
  • Wait for the swimmer in front of you reaches the wall or swims under the ropes before going off the diving board.
  • After entering, swim directly to the wall or under the ropes.
  • No inward dives or sailor dives allowed.
  • No Horseplay by boards .
  • Diving well is reserved for diving board use only.
  • Please be cautious when going on the diving board.

Water Slide Rules

  • Patrons can use the water slide after passing lap test.
  • No swimsuit or shorts with metal rivets, buttons or fasteners are allowed on the water slide.
  • No running, standing, kneeling, or tumbling on the slide.
  • No stopping in the slide.
  • No diving into the pool from the slide.
  • Exit the water quickly after entering from the slide.
  • Do not cross in front of the slide when exiting the pool.
  • You must ride feet first down the slide.
  • No “trains” are allowed to be formed.

Suspensions and Expulsion

Acts that are in non-compliance with established pool policies will result in the suspension or expulsion from the Aquatic Center. Duration of the suspension will be determined by the severity of the action. Illegal activity will result in prohibiting the offender from being able to use the facility for an extended period of time.

Patron Comments and Complaints

Dealing with patron concerns and complaints is one of the many jobs that the Aquatic Center takes very seriously.  Good customer service is our goal. We would like to have each unhappy patron leave with the feeling of satisfaction, or at least an understanding that their complaint has been heard and appropriate action taken. Patrons are asked to voice their comments or concerns in a respectful manor. Please contact our office at 467-7827 with your comments.

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