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Academic and Career Planning Overview

9th Grade

10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade

Grade 5-12 Academic and Career Planning (ACP) is a comprehensive process that engages families and our community to inspire, educate, and support each student in developing interests and creating his or her own plan.

ACP Transcript

0:00 → 0:04
Welcome to the website for Academic Career Planning, otherwise known as ACP.  

0:05 → 0:11
What exactly is ACP?  ACP is a process designed to ensure that all students graduate college and career ready.  

0:12 → 0:18
What does this process look like?
The process itself was created to support students understanding 

0:19 → 0:23
their own unique abilities, skills and knowledge base and how each applies to their future. 

0:24 → 0:29
First, we seek to explore our interests, what we enjoy doing, 

0:30 → 0:33
how we learn, what are our strengths, what are our needs.  

0:34 → 0:36
We will reflect on short term and long term goals 

0:37 → 0:39
beginning in 5th grade and continuing through out high school.

0:40 → 0:44
Whether you're going to a 4-year college, technical college or into the work force, 

0:45 --> 0:49
it will be important for you to strive for high levels of achievement in the classroom.  

0:50 → 0:55
It will also be important to get involved in extracurricular and volunteer opportunities. 

0:56 →  0:59
During sophomore year, we will focus on career exploration 

1:00 → 1:03
and how different careers may financially support your future quality of life.  

1:04 → 1:07
To accomplish this, we will examine the 16 career clusters.  

1:08 → 1:11
We will have the opportunity to investigate two career cluster interests 

1:12 → 1:14
while beginning to prepare a resume for employment.

1:15 → 1:18
As a junior, we will explore work-based experiences, 

1:19 → 1:23
develop a set of college and career goals and visit college and tech school campuses 

1:24 → 1:27
to see what best fits your needs, skills and abilities.  

1:28 → 1:32
Finally, as a senior, you will reflect on your plans and choices 

1:33 → 1:38
while following through on the necessary steps to achieve your college and career goals.

1:39 → 1:42
If interested in pursuing a 2- or 4-year degree or certification, 

1:43 → 1:46
you will also be applying for financial aid and scholarships.  

1:47 → 1:51
Other key components of ACP include course planning, 

1:52 → 1:54
developing a better understanding of the labor market 

1:55 → 1:56
and responsible financial planning.

1:57 → 1:58
ACP is meant for all students.  

1:59 → 2:01
Along the way, you will be developing a portfolio 

2:02 → 2:06
to help guide you through middle school, high school and beyond.  

2:07 → 2:08
This is intended to be a partnership between 

2:09 → 2:13
students, parents, school personal and the greater community.  

2:14 → 2:16
Everyone has a unique strengths and goals which are developed 

2:17 → 2:19
as they strive toward their own future aspirations.  

2:20 → 2:24
In the end. your ACP will be your reflection of you.