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Laude System

School District of Sheboygan Falls Laude System

The purpose of the Laude System is to recognize students for the rigor of their academic program as well as their success in that program.


Class GPA shall be maintained starting with the 9th grade and continuing through second semester of 12th grade. Only full time students shall qualify for Laude status. Semester grades shall be used to calculate grade point average (GPA) for Laude calculation and recognition. Only high school level academic subjects approved by the Board, or its design- ee, shall be included in computing semester grades. Transfer credits from programs with established standards will receive Laude status. Other transfer credits may be approved at the discretion of the principal. Oficial Laude calculation will be completed aGer the final semester grades are earned.

Award Levels

There are three levels of awards:

  • Summa Cum Laude (gold sash)
  • Magna Cum Laude (silver sash)
  • Cum Laude (yellow sash)

Minimum GPA

To be considered for a Laude award, a student must have a cumulative GPA aGer the first semester senior year of 3.2 or higher. Only SFHS’s approved list of advanced level courses (in addition to CollegeƒTechnical CollegeƒYouth & Course Options and advanced standing courses) will be considered advanced courses for the purpose of the Laude recognition process.

Laude Score

A student’s Laude Score will be determined by:

  • Counting the number of Laude points (1 semester=0.5 point and 1 year=1 point)
  • Multiplying your GPA by the number of Laude points (Example 3.44 x 13.5 = 46.4)

Score Breaks

Use the ranges below to determine your Laude status (No rounding).
                     X                         =                                          
    GPA            # of Laude pts           your Laude status

Summa Cum Laude: 50 or above
Magna Cum Laude: 32-49.99
Cum Laude: 16-31.99


GPA = 3.685

Courses taken: AP Calculus (1), CAPP Pre-Calculus (1), CAPP Psychology (1), Jazz/Show Choir (1), Art 3D Senior Studio (.5), Spanish 4 (1) = 5.5 points

Calculation: 3.685 x 5.5 = 20.26 earns Cum Laude status

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