Business Services

The office of Business Services oversees the District's budget development, employee benefits and payroll, school census collection, school food services program, and student transportation.  

Development of the school district budget begins with a review of current year programs and services, analysis of student enrollment/ demographics, consideration of community expectations, and review of major factors that impact the budget (i.e. revenue limit & state equalization aid projections, revenue estimates, staff wage & benefit increases).

Dawn Laboy

Business Manager

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(920)-467- 7893

Financial Comparison

Financial and other data and information regarding Wisconsin public schools are easily accessible online. Two sources can be accessed by anybody who wishes to view the information; they are WISEdash and Statistical Information. WISEdash

  • Provides information regarding achievement, demographics, and school programs

Statistical Information 

  • Provides information regarding enrollment, state aid, revenue limits, district revenues and expenditures, and salaries

Publications & Budgets