School District of Sheboygan Falls Technology

The School District of Sheboygan Falls is fortunate to be able to provide each of its students with a device to enhance their learning opportunities.  Students in grades 4K and K are issued an iPad while students in grades 1-12 are issued a Chromebook.  All classrooms have access to an interactive panel and many learning spaces offer centralized speakers for amplified audio.

When it comes to digital safety and security, the School District of Sheboygan Falls is second to none.  The district uses multiple content filters to protect students and staff.  Student email and Google Drive documents are monitored 24-hours a day for signs of at-risk behavior, including self-harm, suicide, bullying, and violence.  The district employs automated artificial intelligence systems to monitor for signs of malicious network traffic.

Michael Nikson

Instructional Technology Coordinator

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Broken Student Device?

Students should complete the Device Repair Form which will notify the IT Dept. that a device needs repair.

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